The 40 Meter Woodpecker is a QRPp CW transceiver for the 40 meter band.  It has a direct conversion receiver featuring a tunable bandpass filter, attenuator, muting and a audio amplifier with filtered high-low audio response.  The transmitter is a two stage (osc / amp) design featuring a seven component lowpass filter, sidetone, QSK with delay, mute and 500-600 milliwatt R.F. output.

The Woodpecker includes all parts plus a  handsome and sturdy cabinet with a thick screen printed front panet that is very attractive.  The receiver and transmitter are, both crystal controlled. The receiver Tuning control covers about 1 kilohertz below and above the transmit frequency, allowing you to find a desirable pitch of your preference.  The finished kit measures 4.0X2.5X2.35 inches.

The cabinet is assembled from pre-cut basswood plywood and easily assembled and painted / stained as you like.

The kit is supplied with crystals for 7030 KHz and 7056KHz. The user may provide other frequencies if desired.

I have made many enjoyable contacts with this little transceiver. It amazes me every time!. -- W4FSV


NOW JUST $40.00

Splinter II built by Larry, KC3BUZ

40 Meter Woodpecker