End Fed Antenna


1.Uniquely designed light weight and super strong.

2. Add your own wire and coax to build an End Fed Wire Antenna.  We supply all parts, insulator and instructions.

3. Tested and proven at W4FSV for over 2 years!

4. Waterproof and Bug proof.

5. Handles up to 150 watts.

6. So light and mounts in many configurations.

This 9:1 matching device has been well tested here at W4FSV.  It has been configured as a sloper from a tower, horizontal wire from a window to a tree and even as a vertical. Ours has survived a hurricane and tropical storm!  Hurricane Matthew gave us 60 mph winds that took several trees in the yard and blew out window screens, but the antenna survived!   Our design is only 3.7 ounces.  Coating the matching device with Liquid Tape as the final building step forms a solid coating which is waterproof, UV resistant and leaves nowhere for the bugs to call home.  Save money by using your own wire and coax.  

NOW JUST $29.95

In less than an hour with the parts below, you can have an effective multi band antenna...just add antenna wire and coax.

I use this antenna mounted as a sloper, fed at 58 ft. on my 60 ft. tower. Fed with RG8X coax with a 145 foot run to the shack.  Seventy-two ft. antenna wire slopes to ground at about 45 degrees.  Tunes all bands 160 to 10 meters with tuner in my rig!  W4FSV



Put together a second story, indoor, end fed using the 9:1 from your workshop. 25 feet of coax feeds into the 9:1, then a 53 foot wire antenna laying over furniture, on carpet, hanging down into first floor great room, etc. Added a 17 foot counterpoise that heads off the 9:1 in the opposite direction as the antenna wire.  Loads up on 80 meter CW band at 2.X SWR, certainly less than 3 everywhere in CW Band.


Using my IC-7200 with external tuner this morning, I ran about 40 Watts and made 5 CW contacts in VA and TN! 


First 80 meter contacts since the ‘90s! I think I need to find a way to make it longer now. -KB4DE

KIT Version


Assembly Manual

A local ham sent me this shot of his QRP WSPR network report while using 200mw and our End Fed antenna.

Last September, at the Shelby Hamfest, I operated "Hamfest on the air" QRP with my KX-2 and my End Fed random wire antenna.  The 31 ft. wire has hung between my blue canope and the orange canope of the guy in the next space (about 8 feet tall).  I worked California, Utah, Texas, West Virgina, Florida, New Jersey and Paris, France!