The “Sawbuck” is a simple to build direct conversion receiver for 40 meters. The Sawbuck is designed to work with the Woodchip transmitter, but also works well with other QRP transmitters.  The Sawbuck is built on a double sided circuit board and mounted to a small wooden breadboard.  The Sawbuck is a direct conversion design with a bandpass filter, mixer/oscillator and audio amplifier.  A lowpass filter helps to attenuate high frequencies such as band noise and hiss. The audio output works well with ear buds or headphones.  Speaker level audio is best obtained by an external amplifier like our Toothpick which also has a built-in CW filter. Provisions are made to accept Sidetone and receiver muting from the Woodchip transmitter.  Antenna switching is available with our T/R switch kit.

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Assembly Manual

Sawbuck... Direct Conversion Receiver

Sawbuck with Woodchip Transmitter