O.C.F.D. Antenna


1.Uniquely designed light weight and super strong.

2. NOT A KIT. Comes completely assembled and ready to put up.

3. Tested and proven at W4FSV for over 3 years!

4. Waterproof and Bug proof.

5. Handles up to 150 watts.

6. So light and does not need a center support, unless mounted as a Vee.

7. Low SWR on most bands... use with tuner for a near perfect match.

This antenna has been well tested here at W4FSV.  It has survived a hurricane and tropical storm!  We pulled on one end with a tractor and the wire broke, but the balun survived!  We threw the long end over a tree and layed the short end on the ground with the balun one foot off the ground and fired up a KX3 at 5 watts... worked 5 DX stations in 30 minutes!  Seems like every other balun out there is stuck in a plastic pipe.  That adds a lot of weight and over time becomes a home for insects!  Our design is less than 4 ounces.  Liquid Tape coating as the final building step forms a solid coating which is waterproof, UV resistant and leaves nowhere for the bugs to call home.  This antenna works!

NOTE:  We use Wireman 532 18 AWG Copper-Clad steel Stranded HDPE Jacket Antenna Wire. Our cost 38 cents per foot.  We could use 8 cents per foot wire, but don't you deserve a good antenna?

80-10 meters....$89.95

40-10 meters....$65.95

Completed 4:1 balun shown before application of protective coating.

Actual photo of Off Center Fed Dipole used during 2019 Field Day.  Supported by trees at just 30 feet. W4FSV and K4LY used two of these to score 2600 points while operating only 7 hours (Old hams need to eat and sleep)  We operated QRP CW class 2B battery.

Read CQ Magazine Field Day story about how well this antenna worked in 2016, just after we first developed this antenna!



80-10 Meters

Economy Version (balun and center insulator) add your own wire and end insulators. Includes cutting instructions.


40-10 Meters


Economy Version