Code Practice Oscillator


1. Built-in key and external key jack.

2. Pleasant sine wave tone.

3. Built-in audio amp and speaker.

4. On board 9 volt battery holder.

5. One evening build time.

A code practice oscillator is a must for learning to send and receive Morse code. Our CPO includes a built-in key to get you started (you should start learning with a key until you can send and receive 8 to 10 words per minute).

This CPO uses a Twin-Tee oscillator which produces a pure sine wave audio tone. Many other designs use square wave oscillators which are not as comfortable to listen to.  A second key can be attached so you can practice with a frend or student (makes learning fun and faster)

Just $24.95


This new version has a new larger base for more stability and accurate keying. The new brass key has a smooth feel and is easy to mount.  Plus, this version produces more volume when desired.