QRP kits featuring the Splinter QRPp transmitter / receiver


The “Splinter” QRPp Receiver / Transmitter

Direct Conversion Receiver

  1. 1.tunes about 100KHz (user selectable in 40 meter band)

  2. 2.bandpass filter with antenna attenuator

  3. 3.SA612AN mixer/oscillator

  4. 4.two stage audio amp with RC filtering

  5. 5.drives stereo earphones (plenty of audio)

  6. 6.receives cw and ssb

Crystal Controlled Transmitter

  1. 1.2N3904 oscillator with SPOT button

  2. 2.2N2219A final (450-500 milliwatts at 12vdc)

  3. 3.clean output (harmonics down -45db)

  4. 4.two position crystal switch (7030KHz soldered in with sipp socket for extra crystals)

  5. 5.sidetone oscillator

  6. 6.built-in key and external key jack

  7. 7.VXO (about 3KHz)

This kit is mounted on a wooden breadboard painted as you like before mounting the double sided, solder masked and screen printed circuit board.  All parts, circuit board, knobs, decals, breadboard and complete instructions are included for only $54.95.

NEW... QRPp DX Record with the Splinter...11,028 Miles Per Watt!

The “Toothpick” Audio CW Filter / Amp

  1. 1.Variable bandpass helps peak desired signal

  2. 2.Audio amplifier will drive speaker to room filling volume

  3. 3.In / out switch

  4. 4.Use with phones or speaker

  5. 5.Will work with other qrp rigs and older receivers

  6. 6.Measured peak bandpass 700 to 1000 Hertz

The  price is only $24.95.

You can do a lot with less than a watt!

The “Sawdust” Regen Receiver / CPO

  1. 1.Tunes about 75 KHz in 40 meter band

  2. 2.CW, SSB and AM (zero beated)

  3. 3.Plenty of audio for earphones or small speaker

  4. 4.Also functions as a code practice oscillator...just connect a key!

  5. 5.Fixed regeneration

  6. 6.Works with “Toothpick” CW Filter if desired

  7. 7.Easy build kit

Prototype Picture

The  price is only $24.95.

Splinter DX videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbm-112qoqM