QRP kits featuring the Splinter II QRPp transmitter / receiver


The “Splinter II” QRPp Receiver / Transmitter

Like the original Splinter...only better!  Here’s what you get:

1. 40 meter DC receiver with improved audio.

2. Sidetone volume is now variable.

3. Higher RF output with cool running final (500-650 mw).

4. New switching transistor allows use of electronic keyers.

  1. 5.Great new VXO is easy to use and pulls HC-49

    crystals 5 to 7 kHz!

7. Spot switch for zero beating.

8. Reliable send/receive switch.

9. Built-in key and external key jack.

  1. 10.Builder finished wooden base.

  2. 11.Easy Alignment

  3. 12.RX tunes about 100KHz...user selectable

  4. 13.7030 KHz crystal included

  5. 14.Easy to build...even more fun to use!

  6. 15.No price increase!

This kit is mounted on a wooden breadboard painted as you like before mounting the double sided, solder masked and screen printed circuit board.  All parts, circuit board, knobs, decals, breadboard and complete instructions are included for only $54.95.

Notice:  My dear friends and faithful customers, please be advised that I will be taking my XYL on our 30th anniversary cruise for two weeks in September, 2014. Any orders received by 9-3-14 will be mailed before we leave.  I will mail all orders received after that date after our return on 9-23-14. Per my wife’s instructions...I will not be able to answer any email or phone calls or play with my radios until I get back!  TNX es 73, Bill

The “Toothpick” Audio CW Filter / Amp

  1. 1.Variable bandpass helps peak desired signal

  2. 2.Audio amplifier will drive speaker to room filling volume

  3. 3.In / out switch

  4. 4.Use with phones or speaker

  5. 5.Will work with other qrp rigs and older receivers

  6. 6.Measured peak bandpass 700 to 1000 Hertz

The  price is only $24.95.

You can do a lot with less than a watt!

The “Sawdust” Regen Receiver / CPO

  1. 1.Tunes about 75 KHz in 40 meter band

  2. 2.CW, SSB and AM (zero beated)

  3. 3.Plenty of audio for earphones or small speaker

  4. 4.Also functions as a code practice oscillator...just connect a key!

  5. 5.Fixed regeneration

  6. 6.Works with “Toothpick” CW Filter if desired

  7. 7.Easy build kit

Prototype Picture

The  price is only $24.95.

Splinter DX videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbm-112qoqM
Large ImagesProducts_files/Large%20Images.pdf
Splinter II SchematicProducts_files/Splinter%20II%20Schematic.pdf

The Matchstick Antenna Tuner

1. 40 meter QRP transmatch

  1. 2.Built-in resistive SWR bridge with LED indicator

  2. 3.Works with most antennas

  3. 4.Simple series/parallel capacitor with toroid design

  4. 5.Build it in one evening

  5. 6.Easy to use

The  price is only $24.95.


The Wood Stain QRP

Dummy Load / R.F. Probe

  1. 1.50 ohm resistive dummy load

  2. 2.Built-in R.F. Probe allows watt meter function when connected to a voltmeter

  3. 3.Easy to build

  4. 4.Low cost

  5. 5.Accurate at QRP & QRPp power levels

Only $19.95

Wood Stain Instructions.pdfProducts_files/Wood%20Stain%20Instructions.pdf
Splinter II InstructionsProducts_files/Splinter%20II%20Instructions.pdf
Large Photo HereProducts_files/large%20Sawdust%20Photo.pdf
Sawdust ManualProducts_files/sawdust%20manual.pdf
Splinter II Pedestrianhttp://youtu.be/rxb-urOu_SIhttp://youtu.bhttp://youtu.be/rxb-urOu_SIe/rxb-urOu_SIshapeimage_24_link_0